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pen clements

I’ve wanted to be many things in my life: a Shaolin monk, a botanist, a sorceress, a chef with a garden in the grounds of a castle, a wildlife documentary maker, a herbalist…and that’s just the beginning.

Then there the things I actually do and did. They include working as an environmental educator, an eco-tour guide, a Great Barrier Reef sailor (in a beautiful wooden boat built by my husband), a gardener, a geographer, an anthropology student…and that’s just the beginning.

I’ve always been a writer though. Writing (and reading) lets you live all those extra lives.


Writing lets you be whatever you want. You can weave a world of magic.

You can swoop among the stars and breathe underwater as you dive for shimmering pearls.

So that’s why I write. Because life is so short and no-one can do and be everything. But we can imagine and we can share our dreams, our experiments, the things we love and the things we’ve learned.  

Welcome to my slice of life, imaginings and dreams – I hope you enjoy it.

Pen Clements


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